what do you mean when you claim that you have completed ___ topic?

Been reading posts of “I have done with Economics, moving to FRA" etc

Curious to find out when do you consider having mastered a topic and ready to move on to the next?

  • When you skim through the readings

  • When you completed some/ every single question in the textbook (this would take forever!)

  • When you memorized all equations I struggle between depth (practising every single question) and breath (doing as many readings as possible)

for me is :

  • done watching videos fitch learning (only take 1-2 hours per reading)

  • done doing EOC Curriculum

  • some questions from Schweser practice exam / Schweser Workshop Questions / Qbanks (maybe not all of the them, skip some)

  • some questions from past Mock CFAI related to the reading

  • no BB this time (i assume the questions already covered by EOC/ Schweser Practice Exams/ Qbank)

all of the questions i already done (including formulas & explanation) i put on my samsung galaxy notes 10.1 by screen captured the vital sources and annotated them with my S Pen.

For me:

  • Watched Video Lectures
  • Did CFAI Blue Boxes (notes written and rewritten)
  • Did CFAI EOC questions (notes written and rewitten)

For me, that is the core of my studies, plus the Schweser Practice Exams later on. I haven’t fully completed any sections yet as I tend to bounce around from topic-to-topic.I love Schweser Notes (very impressed with them) and Concept Checkers but think of them as supplementary.

I am concentrated on reading through and taking notes. I will do a second iteration - working blue box questions and re-reading schweser. During practice tests I identify weak areas and go back a 3rd time if time permits.

No area is truely done for me until the test is passed. Right now I want to get through all the readings 1 time. I take a lot of notes…