What % do you need to pass?

Hi guys, This is silly, but what % do you need to pass? On level one, they said to aim for 70% to guarantee a pass. Now, I think many people probably passed level one with 60% overall. For level two, do you need a 70%? I read previous threads which people failed with a 69%? Anyone have any insights? I know it’s relative but I need some idea of where I am. I doing better on questions on level two compared to level one, but it may just be a higher bar this time around.

Who knows, and honestly, who cares… now get back to studying!!

aim for the 70%… don’t believe people when they say they failed with 69%…unless of course they are dating the cfa chick…besides that…there’s no way they’d know…

The bar is probably lower than for L1… Reaching the bar is a lot more difficult. At the CFA meeting last year they said that 70% is a guaranteed pass, everything below is a possibility but depends on 100+ things that they won’t tell us.

theres no use trying to game this exam. aim for 100, you’ll probably end up passing

I need some fire in my belly because I’m scoring better - If you look back at last year’s thread, people did fail with 69

And they were calculating this exact percentage how?

Finger in the air, throw some random scores at it (40-60-80 probably) and then claim they got screwed. Try 0 - 55 - 75 for the same scores and you’ll find less than 60%. It’s an estimation which may be close the real thing for the average of 1000 results but for one score it doesn’t mean a thing.


ratul Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I need some fire in my belly because I’m scoring > better - If you look back at last year’s thread, > people did fail with 69 There is absolutely no way to know that you got a 69%, so who ever said that is completely full of Sh!t. Those “guess what I got” formulas are complete garbage, and anyone who buys into their logic probably shouldn’t have passed L1 quant.

I heard you can pass with a 55%, but you have to answer every question wrong, but with the rounding you pass. Its wierd.

it has to be precisely 55%.ONLY

Look, I can pull up the threads from last year (page 76 if I remember correctly) and people were saying they got 69’s and failing. Again, if someone who has taken this before can clarify, it would be really helpful. We don’t get any guidance from Stalla like we did for level one.

ratul. seriously, there is no way to know. the only thing that is even close to a sure thing is if you get above 70, unfortunately. so shoot for that. and if you pass with something that feels like a 65, then it’s all beautiful.

Its no wonder those people posting they failed with a 69% didn’t pass… If they aren’t intelligent enough to realize knowing that percentage is impossible, they don’t deserve to pass.

Just know that if you get a 95% on the test you will pass.

short answer: 70%. long answer: an instructor that once worked for the CFAi said that its been thought the passing score is lower at around 63-66%. its set each year. they look at the distribution of scores, which is normally two humps, (one is higher - correlating to lower raw score on the test, and the other is smaller… higher raw score) between the two troughs of the humps is where the passing score usually ends up. but, the CFA pretty much says you WILL pass with a 70%. (If not, then why is that the passing score on their mock and sample tests?)

I’ve never seen someone fail with every section > 70%

aim for 100%

If you can do better than 100%, that will surely help as well.