What do you think about EOC?


I think EOC are pretty hard, am I the only one?

I read all the SS (except GIPS & Ethics) and I did all the EOC.

I success the part where they give multiple choices but when we have to write an answer I find the questions harder.

What do you think about that?


I think a lot of the non multiple choice questions are very opened ended relative to the type of questions we’ll see on exam day. it’s still good to know them well though

EOC are good. did most of them for all levels. i found them very useful. They are time consuming agreed.

Agreed, and I think that if you can do these you’ll probably be in good shape. The past exams ask questions that are much simpler to answer if you know your stuff.

I feel like the EOCs essentially take you a mile deep on concepts that require an inch or two. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if your attention span and time constrainsts would allow for it. I just personally can’t do it though, lol. I’ve literally developed CFA induced ADD in the past month. Imma give q-bank a try instead and hopefully ease into the MC only EOCs at some point.

I’m doing all of the multiple choice EOCs and if time, the essay EOCs. I’m getting most of my essay practice through the mocks though so I’m counting on the MC EOCs to practice for the PM section.

I tried doing them and then wrote down what I didn’t know by heart. Now I try to re-read everything from those EOC.

I passed level III last year and used EOC questions as my primary review tool in between practice exams. I would say that they helped a lot for the exam. For the essay sections, if I was burnt out or pressed for time I would sometimes just say my responses out loud so I could get to more practice questions.

I started going through Ethics EOC questions to touch up on the topics. The CFAI Ethics EOC questions seem WAY too easy when compared to vignette form Mock Exam Ethics questions. Anyone have some advice on how best to review Ethics and GIPS?

The EOC are a great learning tool. Nothing like the real exam.

I don’t know the exact number off the top of my head, but say there’s 80 total EOCs after the Ethics reading, the last 30 or so are item sets that were pretty challenging. The stand-alone questions, though - they were too simple.

Doing every single one of them and working through them early (not time crunched) helped develop my knowledge and process immensely. If you can do them (answer htem without memorizing the solution) you are in good shape. They go beyond what is asked and are meant to develop your thought process.