What do you think about the career path for this Job?

Hello fellow AF’ers: Recently I got selected to interview for the following position. Right now I do modeling / corportate strategy (my current job has nothing to do with investment management or asset allocation models). I passed Level I this June and am registered for L II, and am trying to make a shift to a slightly more front-end / investment management role. Do you think the following position would be a decent starting point? Any helpful comments will be appreciated. Thanks. -ron- Job Title: Financial Planning Analyst Salary Range: $60K – $80K per year (Boston, Massachusetts Metropolitan area) Purpose: To support a team of professionals within the Asset Management Groups, a unit that houses the company’s most affluent customer base - typically for individual and multi-generational grouped family/client relationships that pay a service fee in excess of $100,000 annually and have net worth that exceeds $70 million. Responsible for the on-going implementation of the investment platform. Essential Functions - % of Time 35%-55% – Serve as liaison between the Investment Specialists and the Relationship Managers, their service teams and their clients. Work with Relationship Managers to develop appropriate initial Investment Policy statements for new clients, determining appropriate initial investment asset allocations for these clients, analyzing current client holdings to determine appropriate securities to be sent to selected outside investment managers. Closely coordinate with Relationship Managers on the monitoring/re-balancing of client portfolios on an ongoing basis to insure adherence to internal investment guidelines and client Investment Policy statements. Provide support in properly communicating performance to clients. As liaison, actively communicate with the Relationship Managers and their teams to insure proper implementation of the investment program, and coordinate recommended changes in asset allocations. Must be able to articulate the philosophy, strategy and investment process for all assets managed. Keep abreast of cutting-edge approved investment products and strategies in order to coordinate the continuing education of the professional staff within the practice. Must also stay current regarding developments affecting existing portfolio holdings.Analyze investment issues affecting liquidity needs, risk tolerance and time horizon for clients as needed. Attend regular team meetings as requested. 5%-10% - Assist with the new business development process as needed. 5%-10% - Strictly comply with company policies and procedures surrounding confidentiality of client information and handling of client assets. 5%-10%Maintain quality control of the client experience within the platform to insure that client attrition is eliminated. Remaining % of time – Help with other related functions as necessary.