What do you think about UAW strike?

Just wondering what you think/feel about their strategy. I am a little confused. UAW president says his priority is job security and they go on a strike? Am I missing something? I am sure Toyota, Nissan, Honda and even Hyundai and Tata are smiling, if not laughing hard. Thanks.

i hate unions.

fire them all, and hire some hard working people who will work for $25 an hr rather than the the $45 or whatever these clowns are making. Throw them on a defined contribution retirement and health plan. If only… Next thing you know, North America would actually have an auto industry!

I think it’s unbelievable. Where do they expect all those benefits to come from when the company goes under? I suggest that upper level management walks in to the next negotiation and gives them a speech like the US Steel letter - “There’s just not enough room in the Americana auto industry lifeboat for everyone. You are currently making a choice about who gets to swim. Oh and btw - I have a college education, an MBA, a million dollar 401-K - I might be abale to swim a little better than most of your workers”

i think it’s good. 1) 90%+ appear to be overweight, and the walking should hopefully help trim them down some. Just layoff the smokes! 2) GM probably was facing an inventory glut, the slowdown will help clear some excess inventory. 3) UAW workers probably overextended themselves with subprime loans. They can enjoy their homes a little bit just before they will be taken from them by foreigners with a strong currency which hold the subprime debt. Move over Fat America, harder working foreigners are a coming.

LMAO - very good, MFE.

yeah, hire some mexicans who will work hard, and throw these unionized scumbags out to the california farms and get them picking fruit for like $4 an hr and being harrassed as “illegals” by a bunch of millionaire union execs/talk radio hosts/politicians and see how the other show fits!

MFE, too funny but shockingly true! I know a few union workers who hate the Union. The strike pay is not as good as the wage on the job.

my vision of the world today as a political cartoonist: I) A very large fat cat on top of a stilt, munching on the only food available. II) Several somewhat healthier cats fighting over the scraps left that have fallen to the ground. III) Some eager, daring cats that are climbing the stilt to the top to overtake the fat cat. IV) Some demented cats munching on the base of the tilt, which will cause the inevitable collapse, and bring all the cats to an equal playing field again. I) US II) Mexico, Saudi Arabi, India III) China, S. Korea IV) Iran, N. Korea, Russia

I don’t understand the resistance. The way I see it, either the UAW makes some big concessions and takes what they can get, or the automakers go under the the UAW gets nothing. Yes, 75 cents on the dollar sucks, but it is better than 0 cents on the dollar.

To be honest, does the Union really produce any good? I thought DOL and Federal Labor Laws protected employees fairly well?

http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=GM&t=5y&l=off&z=m&q=l&c=f,hmc,tm Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

what would legally at least, would prevent GM et al. from phasing out the unions and bringing in new workers.

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14682552 http://www.canada.com/topics/news/story.html?id=b12c39b5-ae43-4067-8194-46be6dd7da40&k=36736

If GM just shut down would anyone miss it?

Thanks for your thoughts and info, guys! Yeah, I don’t know which is worse, UAW or NHLPA… I did simulated union/mgt negotiation in MBA class and I was in union side. (Gee that’s long time ago.) One of my team members actually talked to local UAW leader to get some insights and he was impressed with the guy’s intelligence…I still don’t understand why they cannot see what they are dealing with. jrumph and Joey made good ponit. After all, if they are worth what they demand, they can leave the job and get comparable job somewhere else. By the way, on that simulated negotiation the group that got the best deal scored the highest. My group (and oppornent) seeked amiable solution and struck a reasonable deal for both. So our score was mediocre. That is OK to be hard-nosed in such one time deal, but long-term and continuing relationship, some kind of game theory type solution is needed. That’s what I thought anyway. >If GM just shut down would anyone miss it? Personally, I would not.

They should send each Union a DVD copy of “Gung Ho” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091159/

NHLPA at least provides a service for which substitutes are much harder to find. Some auto worker can be relatively easily replaced. A highly skilled hockey player, that takes a LOT more. not that I’m some great fan of the PA. On the contrary

The workers are still gettting paid $200 a week while on strike…I think that kinda sums it up. The best part is if you look closer, our state is going to shut down Oct. 1st if the Congress can’t bridge the $1.75B budget deficit we have… … a glorious time to live in Michigan

CFAdetroit Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The workers are still gettting paid $200 a week > while on strike…I think that kinda sums it up. > > The best part is if you look closer, our state is > going to shut down Oct. 1st if the Congress can’t > bridge the $1.75B budget deficit we have… > > … a glorious time to live in Michigan I’m with you on that (I work in Troy). Although, I did put in a bid on a pre-foreclosure house and if it goes through I’ll be getting the house at a steal. If only I wasn’t so unsure of the whether or not a steal in 2007 will turn out to be a good investment when I plan on selling in 2010…