What do you think the skew of this forum is?

Do you think the posters here are a representative sample of the L2 candidates, or is this sample skewed to the right side of the distribution?

I think it’s way skewed to the right

Umm, right.

skewed right…bigtime.

Thats what I’m hoping. Average on here = pass?

There was a thread I think the cosensus was 80-90%

Which doesn’t mean a thing. CFAI’s opinion is what counts.

I’m sure that people on AF are much more prepared than an Average CFA l 2 Candidate. If someone compares his score to the Avg at AF and finds he is an underperformer that’s NO reason to worry. However If ur avg score is higher than that at AF, Party Hard, u’ll pass with a 99% confidence interval

Correct answer: Skewed to the left. If the left tail is longer with the mass of the distribution concentrated on the right, this distribution is said to be left-skewed.