What do you think the top 1% scores in the AM?

Assuming 10 questions on the exam I find it hard to imagine a candidate that averages 90%+ on each question.

Certainly some questions will be 100% correct while others will be closer to 8/10.

I would venture a guess that the top 1% score just under 90% in the AM, around 88% or 158 mins / 160.

I think 100% is possible… but out of 25000 level 3 test takers maybe only the top 0.01% so maybe 25 candidates in the world get it with a bit of luck… I think it’s actually easier to get 100% in AM for the top candidates but in PM there are 2-3 questions that are coin flips at best.

anything above 80% is probably top 10%… and it’s likely just as hard to get below 40%

I’m terrible with statistics but the distribution of score must be leptokeuric? very tight between 55-65%… and CFAI sets the MPS in there to inflict max pain…

There is definitely no 100 pct in AM

With 25000 candidates, the 99th percentile would be around 90-92 (after throwing out the unfair questions), so think 145/160 (assuming 20 mins get thrown out).

I think we give our fellow humans too much credit.

AF members never post AM mock scores in the 90 range. IMO I think my original guess was still on the high side. It would be interesting to know.

Honestly have no idea since cfai apparently doesn’t practice transparency. They remind me of my dad, do as I say not what I do.

We see a lot of comments about actual test being easier than mock. We also know that unfair questions are thrown out. So i guess 90% for the Top1% candidates is not unlikely.