What do you think?

Hey all, I need your feedback on my plan for the CFA, so there is a university that offers CFA classes starting next week untill the day of the exam. The classes should be three days a week, 3.5 hours a day, + weekly tests and three mock exams. I’ve tried studying on my own but I always find myself skipping the books and hangout with friends instead, do you think that these classes will help me commit, and focus more? The only downside is the cost, around $5000 So shall I join?


If you can’t even settle down and commit yourself, these classes are just an excuse to make yourself feel better. The level of commitment needed to pass L2 is no joke.

I will try my best thanks :slight_smile:

Hey some people find groups to be effective for these sort of things: look at Alcoholics Anonymous. You could join a study group for free. However, I see the structured environment that you pay for as providing you a lot more guilt and structure. It can’t hurt. Passing Level 2 though is something which you have to personally commit to. I do not think you can passively attend classes and pass the exam. You really have to commit your mind to thinking about the stuff on the exam for a long period of time.

The classes cost $5000!? Some people do find classes beneficial, but I think they also can make you feel like you are doing more than you really are. I am an advocate for self study, as at the end of the day it’s gotta be you sitting down with your textbook grinding it out. However, if you have difficulty with certain topics than tutors can be quite helpful. If you need the structure, then I suppose a class could be helpful but even with a class you will still have to be doing all the readings alone at home. Maybe join a free study group for some structure?

Wow, there’s no way this is worth it. Basically they are charging you money to force you to do work that you should be able to do by yourself. Just suck it up and study. If you need crutches like this to make you work, you basically fail at life.

$5,000?!?!?! Where do you live? I’ll come and teach you!

The problem is that this is my first time in level II, and I really don’t want to fail. I’ve joined these classes in level I, and what happened is that they’ve given me some sort of guidance through the material. I did eventually read everything on my own, I’m not sure if I can do everything on my own this time. I’ll try to study this week and see myself. Classes won’t start until next week. Thanks guys!

I also dont know if i should attend classes or not, though i didnt for the level 1, but what worries me the most is that classes end on the last day of april and i dont know if one month will be enough to review the materials one more time and do some mocks exams!!

What I did in level I is that I’ve reviewed the material throughout the course, and also they’ve given us tests and mocks during. So I was only doing more questions during May