What does "ACE" mean?


You were a Charterholder as ACE?

no, I didn’t put anything

I didn’t know ACE was phillip platt.

I wonder how much trolling BS was involved in. It’s pretty clear that the fake turd account wasn’t his only dupe.

wait, so Igor and ACE were also at the NYC meetup?

and to think, I missed it as i was in Boston not banging the 9.8

Yeah was pretty good showing. Everyone was cordial. Maybe because StallionDis didn’t show and rile things up lol

Too bad he didn’t show up actually, as you know he is worth $1.3 million and likely would have paid everything.

Did Ohai go too? I missed out.

not sure being worth $1.3 million is impressive in NYC.

You should go say that on the New Worth thread in the CFA forum.

If only someone had enough free time to research which troll accounts when dark the same day fake turd was banned.