What does CFA stand for?

syke, just kidding. The real question: I was doing a question that asked me to solve for beta. The answer said that I needed to use the formula: Beta(i) = st.dev.(i)/st.dev(m) x corr (i,m) where i = specific stock m = market Is this formula legit? I can’t find it in any of the CFAI books.

Yes, it is. Beta = Cov (i,m)/var(m)=Cov (i,m)/(stdv(m)^2 Cov(i,m)=Corr(i,m)*stdv(i)*stdv(m), replace it in the Beta formula

certified financial analyst? I think you’ll find that formula in PM.

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dang, I’ve been studying for the wrong designation. I knew something was wrong when there was a whole chapter on the way cats lick themselves.

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