What does it take to pass?

Hello all, I was just wondering if you anyone could give some tips on what does it really take to do well? I found that reading theory, and later reviewing, does not actually help to tackle actual practice exam questions, which are twisted in every possible way. Do you have any tips for success? Thank you all!

Read over and over and do questions. That’s all I did. Read, do questions, read again, do questions, read again repeat until desired result. There are 4000q in Scweser qbank, a bunch after each chapter, and then there are practice exams.

Patience, practice and persistence.

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You wonder how people pass this test? Well they do it, Patience, practice, persistence. lol

read all the CFAI texts (cover to cover) and do ALL ALL ALL ALL of the questions at the end of each reading in the CFAI books. Do a cumulative 60question QBANK quiz every week to keep old concepts fresh in your head. Devote 1 month to a thorough review before the exam, spend the last week working problems, and you’ll pass.

I found the Non-CFAI texts to be helpful, but not that helpful. Their questions were not formatted the same as the CFAI questions and they included some information not in the CFAI Texts and lacked some as well. In my opinion why would you pay money for (relatively) bogus questions. The other stuff won’t hurt by any means, but i think its important to study a considerable amount from the CFAI texts. Because after all, who’s writing the test??? Study long, study hard, but don’t peak too early… don’t burn yourself out. Get organized quick. Create a schedule, and stick to it. Let friends and family know well in advance that you’re going to be a flake. So when the time comes and you have to bail, they’ll understand (they’ll still give you crap, but they’ll understand)

life as you know it for 4 - 6 months

persistence. readnig the study notes a few times as you’ll only retain about 50% of the info on the first read (unless you have a photographic memory). you’ll retain a little more on the second read. not sure if i agree with the comment that you’ll need to read the CFAi texts too? that turns into 2 months more for a marginal benefit - time that could be be spent doing questions. i only saw maybe 1 or 2 questions on the exam that i couldnt answer using schweser notes? definately read CFAi for Ethics/GIPs though.

shakespeare Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > life as you know it for 4 - 6 months life as you know it for 1-2 months* * I have not passed yet.

shakespeare Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > life as you know it for 4 - 6 months This.