What does the CFA really test

Just did the 2013 mock and it was really challenging. I couldnt finish it on time.

I’m really asking myself … what does the CFA test… the speed at which I read or my accounting and financial skills ?

This test was clearly not worded for a non native english speaker and had to many informations …

They should test us on what we’ve learn and ask questions similar to the EOC. I mean … a test is to see if you studied and learned something. Please don’t ask questions more difficult of what we’ve practiced and learned.

Read this line : 3 times if needed

The CFAI does not write the mocks!! The depend on a third party provider . Reread the reason on the email on why mocks are so screwed up this year.

General consensus from people that took L2 last year if you go back and read the threads was that 2013 mock was more difficult than the real exam. I took the 2013 CFA mock a few days ago and found it to be considerably more difficult than the 2014 mocks. On average I scored 73-74% on the 2014 mocks and took a 67% on the 2013 (this was all done on three consecutive days last week). My 2014 scores weren’t skewed b/c I didn’t take any of the practice assessments before taking the 2014 mocks.

The 2013 CFA mock was poorly worded. The real exam will be a lot more clean and fluid. I remember being impressed with how much better worded the L1 exam was last year compared to the mocks I took.

Just my opinion, but I expect the real exam to be similar in difficulty to the 2014 mocks though likely a touch more challenging.




I just finished the 2014 Mock (March? Or the one that starts with Macharia)

I really hope the real exam vignettes are not that long to read. First time not being able to finish within 3 hours.

I’m comparing my time to Kaplan/Schweser mocks btw.