What does this mean?

If I log on this is what I see Update Personal Profile Update Professional Profile Update Work Experience Update Education CFA Program CFA Program Level II Registration View CFA Program Exam Results Customer Service Browse FAQs Submit a Service Request Check Status of a Service Request When I press “CFA Program Level II Registration” I see check marks under ALL OF THE FOLLOWING the following Level II Personal Information Level II Address Information Level II Professional Profile Level II Professional Conduct Inquiry Level II Professional Conduct Statement Level II Candidate Responsibility Statement Level II CFA Examination Registration My candidate ID is 106XXX WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

I got the same thing as you do… Is it means that we both failed???

i’m not quite sure of that… it seems that some people out there cannot see a check mark next to Level 2 CFA Examination Registration anymore… I guess we just have to wait… And I hate that

I second that CFA-France. Surely CFAI’s IT people must have a better way of managing these things than this. Has anyone mananged to figure out what kind of order is being followed is it candidate ID, Venue, or second name (surname)? My candidate ID is 106XXXX but am still getting Register for LII AND the checkmark, test centre was in the middle-east.

Quite weird… tought they had updated all L2 first, but my L3 link already disappeared (hopefully good news) and you’re still waiting… mmmm

same here and hopefully it’s the sign of CFAI hasn’t updated your status yet.

CFA France Hey dude… :-)… Isn’t that a violation - improper usage of CFA designation last 24 hours of uncertainity… best of luck