What Gets You Partial Credit?

I know for the obvious questions, 1 point for yes or no, and 2 points for the explanation/justification - it’s possible to get partial credit for the question if you got one right and the other wrong. But say you had to show a calculation and you showed detailed steps in your work, but you made a computational error. Would that get you partial credit?

yes, most likely

What about you wrote for an example - 50% of X amount (so concept is right), but X is taken something else and calculation came as wrong.

Do you still get a couple of points?

I think for computational stuff partial credit is easy to determine. What I am concerned more about is for the qualitative responses and how credit may be given out. Just hope graders can partially value a cogent response that hits on most of salient points. vs. expecting perfectly replicating the guideline answer or writing some tome about a subject.

You know 50% of X.