What happened to Ben?

What happend to that Stark? I mean seriosly? 6k pages and not even a hint?

I think he’s “coldhands” who rides the moose and helps piggy get back over the wall

If he was CH presumably, BS would recognize him.

It’s more realistic if we just never find out what happened to him. All those rangers who went missing are just in the snow or maybe became a random zombie.

Yea but does bran ever see his face? You could be right tho

No, he never gets a good look. GRRM confirmed that Benjen is not Coldhands. Too lazy to look up the source. Go over to www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf for all your fan-theory needs.

I seriously doubt we’ll find out what happened to Benjen. GRRM has also said, multiple times, he’s not going to answer all the big questions. Then again, he also said the next book is going to feature a lot more on the White Walkers and the Land of Always Winter. It’s possible Ben is doing some deep recon up there I suppose.

Edit: Here’s the link referencing his definitive statement on Coldhands.


Well, as long as he answers how mellisandre gave birth to shadow, i am good,

What in the hell are we talking about?

If you give a moose a muffin…

I actually watch the show and still have no idea what we’re talking about.

Edit: maybe this is one of those “book things” for people who actually read the books. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Is it possible Ben was absorbed into the ice princess’s frozen army or eaten by one of her dragons? Or, maybe he could reemerge in Dorne if he found that weird vortex/portal thing they allude to in the last book.

Apparently Game of Thrones


So who are the three heads of the dragon? It seems that have to be Targs.

These are possible other Targs outside Denariys (forgive my spelling):

  1. Cersei (blonde of hair, loves fire [watched the red keep burn], the whole thing about tyrion being tywin “real son,” had three kids and one is crazy [common targ trait {mad king}])

  2. Jamie (for same reasons above except doesn’t love fire as far as we know)

  3. Vearys (has a targ ending to his name “rys,” got his balls cut off and a witchlady burned them in a ritual that requires king’s blood, he could have blonde hair but hes bald)

  4. Jon Snow (who is mom!!! tell me now)

Varys is an interesting idea. I assumed it could also be Jaime.

Helicopter Ben.

Jerrys gone fishin. Quit on LIII for the third time.