What happened to that guy beeing late???

Here is the story: I took the exam in London. 20 min to 9 I was on the way to the testing hall, when the staff started shouting at me. I thougt they meant someone else and went on slowly. They almost kicked me in and approximately 5 seconds after I entered the testing hall the security closed the hall. There was a candidate behind me who was refused to get in “for security reason”. So my question is: What happened to you unlucky boy?? Did they let you in thru one of the small door or did they send you home?? If they refused me to get in, I would have started a fight, and I tell ya-I would have won! A weak guy, who has nothing left to loose can kill 200 strong low paid security staff:) by the way: The “security reason” was the grid, coming down from appr. 4 meters at extremely low speed!

You have to wait until all instructions are read and then you can come in.

what the EFF is a grid?

petetini Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > what the EFF is a grid? My guess is he is referring to a security gate.

exactly what I ment-the gate came down. Gives me a good feeling that I have NOT almost missed the exams:)

I think in the excel center, you could probably get in through the toilet entrance.

I’d almost rather come in after they read through the instructions. The lady at our test center was so obnoxious with her monotone voice… “please read along with me…blah blah blah…now break the seal on your test booklet…blah blah…”