What happened to that guy who was an F22 pilot?

There was this guy a while ago. He wanted to go to business school or something. What happened to that guy?

I think we scared him off when the thread inevitably derailed and went off topic.

That, or he realized no amount of number crunching would ever be as cool riding a $150MM whip around the unfriendly skies above the speed of sound.

I am going to guess that he went to business school.

Or hopefully he went back to engineering school to design the Iron Man suit.

Who else here would rather be flying an F22 than doing what they’re doing? Flying jets was always my dream and to this day I would still gladly give up everything to do that. I gave up on that dream when I found out my 20/400 vision wasn’t going to be going to cut the grade. I fly light aircraft as a hobby to get my fix now but it’s not quite the same.

I would rather be an investor than a fighter pilot. Am I weird? To be fair, I’d rather be an investor over being a pro athlete as well…and I’m a big sports fan…

Actually I wouldn’t totally mind being Lionel Messi now that i think about it.


omg I sense a slight crush on this guy coming from Wendy :slight_smile:

Jeez, respect. Guy got bored of flying F22s and just decided to go do an MBA at Stanford.

Feeling like such an underachiever at my desk right now…

I’ve definitely got a bit of man-crush on this guy

I wonder how many HCBs he gets.

f22 > CFA > MBA

Well guys, since we encouraged him to get an MBA, I think we are entitled to full credit for his success. If anything, this is further proof that random people on the internet are the best guide for important life decisions.