What happens if you didn't hand in your ticket?

I almost didn’t hand in my ticket until I noticed the person beside me getting up to give in his ticket because the proctor missed his.

That’s funny because I wanted to keep mine but the proctor took it before I could get up. In Toronto they send 3 people by each desk, 1 to get the booklet, 1 to get the answer sheet, and 1 to take the ticket.

If I passed first try I was going to frame it, but now all I have is the memory. :frowning:

Huh, you didn’t save the webpage of the ticket? I saved my ticket’s webpage and can print it anytime


If you didn’t hand in your ticket, I think they’re just gonna DQ you out.

I’m sure I can still access it, I printed out extras anyways and brought them to the exam, they’re still with me. It just would’ve been cool to keep the actual ticket with the assigned seat number and everything.