What has your journey been in the CFA program?

Just curious what everyone’s journeys have been like.

It’s been a long long long road for me:

  • June 2010 - Failed Level 1 (Band 7)
  • December 2010 - Failed Level 1 (Band 9)
  • December 2011 - Failed Level 1 (Band 10)
  • December 2013 - Passed Level 1
  • June 2014 - Failed Level 2 (Band 5)
  • June 2015 - Passed Level 2
  • June 2016 - Failed Level 3 (Band 6)
  • June 2017 - Passed Level 3

For the record, the first 3 times I did Level 1, it was mainly because I wanted to register to have it on my resume that I was a candidate (stupid me). I still wrote the exams, but didn’t try all that hard.

So it’s been a long 7 years for me. I guess what I’m trying to say it, for people who failed this time, DON’T GIVE UP!!!

What about you guys?

coincidently…mine is similar to you

failed level 1 Jun 2009 (100 hours)

failed level 1 Dec 2009(100 hours)

Passed level 1 June 2012 (300 hours)

Failed level 2 June 2013 (<100 hours did not sit)

Failed level 2 June 2014 (~300 hours)

Passed level 2 June 2015 (250 hours)

Failed level 3 June 2016 (~300 hours)

Passed level 3 June 2017 (~250 hours)

between all the 3rd party study materials… week-off to study nearly every year prior to exam…it was turned out to be very expensive

Yeah, very expensive indeed. Good thing my company helped cover some of the expenses though for the later exams.

markol could you advise what you changed from band 6. I’m also a band 6 - looking for some insight.

I definitely did a lot more practice exams/problems this year (from 2010-2016). Highly recommend doing as many as you can. I dedicated about 2 months prior to just doing questions/practice problems/exams. Last year I think I only left about 3 weeks to do problems.

Also it does seem a LITTLE easier the second time around as you should already be familiar with most of the concepts.

Oh also probably helped that I didn’t take vacation in mid-April this year for 2 weeks like I did last year.

Join Summer 2015.

End Summer 2017.

as a retaker if you wait to start again in Feb/March… it’s almost like starting over

stay fresh now with 1-2 topic test per day

I wouldn’t succeed without little support of this forum. My advice to newbies - be as much active here as you can. Ask, respond, discuss,even argue if is needful, give advices, take advices.

My CFA program journey actually began in the summer of 2008. I started studying for the 08 Level I exam in August, but then within a month Lehmann was going bankrupt and all hell broke loose. I was working 14 hour days and I didn’t even sit for the exam. After the dust settled my second child was born and I decided to put the program on hold and focus on work, life and family for awhile longer. Fast forward to 2014 …

I started studying for December Level I in September 2014. Level II took me two attempts, as I wasn’t able to get strong enough in the material over the 4 months after the December pass. August 2017 Level III pass.

So about 3 years for me. Worth it.

my journey goes back to 2007

2007 June Level1 Passed

2008 Level2 - failed

Spent time between GMAT and Level 2

2009- I wanted to appear ,registred, but my first kid in Mid feb , did go and appear though-fail

Took GMAT and got selected for Berkeley-

2010- was Berkeley

2011-Lvel2 pass

2012- history repeats - I did register, but this time I was suffering from morning sickness due to second kid

Got the money refunded to 2013 exam, but my younger one was born in Nov

2013- Did not attempt

After that I gave up on level 3 raising 2 kids with a job

but something motivated me to register again for 2016

after 5 years gap -registered

2016- Failed(did everything possible including sending the kids off to my mother’s place during last month to study-but failed with band 5)

2017- Finally passed( moved countries, took a break from job (lsat 45 daysand has mother come over to help me with kids and house hold)

pheew- if its 1 line i need to describe I coudl tell this

My elder daughter asked -what is this exam as I was screaming and crying and this is what I told her(rather everyone)

This is the moment which mean more than when I has you- not that I dont love you but you came within a year and easy but this took a 10 year journey.

I dont remember when the first 6 months of the year either went in study or at least spent thinking of this exam,

^^intense… impressed that mom’s can do it

oh wow, yeah! longer journey than mine haha but so glad we’re done with it now :slight_smile:

I don’t think words could’ve described my excitement and happiness this morning. I can finally book vacations during the first half of the year!

Dude wow…

I am one and done on every exam. If I failed LvL1 or LvL 2 I would have quit. No way the wait for a full year would have been worth it.

Started journey Dec 2015 - passed level 1, June 2016 - passed level 2, and June 2017 - passed level 3.

Lots of studying on the commute to and from work. Lots of anxiety waiting for the results. Well worth it. While I’m glad I was able to pass the first time, but if I had failed, I would’ve continued. not a quitter and I admire all of the people who kept trying until the end.

Dec 2014 Passed L1

June 2015 Failed L2 (band 7)

June 2016 Passed L2

June 2017 Passed L3

Pretty wild looking back on it now- lots of 3am wakeup calls, late nights in coffee shops, flashcards on the train/bus/can (actually a free “make your own flashcards” app that was awesome, PM me if you want to know which one.) Hard to believe it’s actually over!

Passed level 1 Jun 2011 …passed level 3 June 2017 …in between alot of struggles and lots of failed attempt…today I am glad I stuck to it :).

I had the exact same time line and events, but failed Level 2, band 5 in 2015.

Journey Started in India.

Jun 2003 - Passed Level 1

Jun 2004 - Failed Level 2

Jun 2005 - Passed Level 2 - Back in those days L2 AM was also constructed responses/ Essays!

Aug 2005 - Jun 2006 : Grad student at Univ of Chicago - Financial Mathematics

Jun 2006 - Failed Level 3 (Went in underprepared - underestimated the course workload at UChicago and was right after my uni exams)

Relocation to a another country

Jun 2009 - Registered for Level 3 - Did not sit, as was terribly stretched at work with setting up a new hedge fund

Jun 2012 - Registered for Level 3 - Did not sit again

Moved back to hometown.

Jun 2016 - Failed L3 - Band 8 (AM 8/1/1 and PM 0/2/8) : Was challenged by an Analyst that was working for me. The curriculum was completely different from the previous ones that I had looked at and took me by surprise. I prepared for 8-9 days with no time for mocks.

Jun 2017 - Passed L3. Around 250 hrs of prep (including AM mocks and review)

I usually start my preparation in May. L1 & L2 were 1 & 2 weeks of work for me, as I had just completed my MBA back then. In hindsight, should have completed in 2012, but was generally demotivated then to read.

Dec 15 - Pass L1

June 16 - Pass L2

June 17 - Pass L3

and im officially exhausted

Dude, I had the exact everything as yours, including the band 5 in 2015