What have you done with all those books?

I’ve got my pile of L1 CFAI 2008 books gathering dust on top of one shelf (Schweser green books inside that closet). Literally never opened one of those CFAI volumes.

My 2010 L2 CFAI books are on my desk at work for reference with all sorts of obvious uses of wear and post-it notes inside (resembling some sort of tombstone, as it turned out that year).

My Schweser and CFAI L2 2011 books are stored at home having been retired with due honors. That Asian girl on the cover was cute but not so much after 18 months …

What will I end up doing with my L3 CFAI and Schweser books???

What have you guys done with your old sets of CFAI/Schweser/Stalla books?

I’ve tutored people @ several universities and taught several people at different companies over the years. I often get asked about the CFA program and I’ll typically do a 20-30 minute talk about the program where I will usually give away a volume to the person so they have an example of what the material and program look like.

I’m down to a couple L2 books and my L3 books.

Sold them on eBay.

I kept L2 and L3 for reference material and make use of one or the other mabye once every couple of years.

Put them on a shelf =Tax deduction


How much did you get?

i’ve got my lvl 3 books at home in prep for the 2013 test. The levels that I’ve passed are on my book shelf in my office.

If you’re in Toronto or Kitchener/Waterloo and willing to sell your L3 books (official and other), I’m interested in buying them.

you are back…

I am in toronto. If selling the book s doesn’t violate the Code, I am willing to sell. I am moving back to Vancouver and I do not plan on carrying these books back there.


back? lol anyway, thx, i’m sending you an email now

If I remember correctly, there is a thread somewhere on AF that was started by someone who was harrassed by CFAI for posting his/her books for sale on Craig’s List or something like that. I don’t recall what the end result was though.

I don’t believe that. They’re YOUR books, you can do whatever you want with them.

^ this. Selling reprinted copies would obviously be a no-no, but you can re-sell your textbooks no problem.

I think it was Schweser and they apologized.

$80 roughly. If I need to look something up, I rather get the e-book since it’s searchable.

You are correct, found the thread: