What I really think a CFA does MEME


I’d have to disagree

Yeah those pictures should be rearranged. Literally everyone one of them.

What back office thinks I do -> guy with the money (cause they are jealous and want to move to front office)

What my friends think I do -> should be the math stuff. Nobodies friends think they are cool guys hanging out at strip clubs spending G’s because they have a CFA charter. They think you’re a nerd. You think you’re cool.

What society thinks I do -> should be a picture of Bill Gross on CNBC opining or better yet, Jim Cramer.

What my mother thinks I do -> a picture of a bank teller

What I thought I’d do -> corporate jet and handshake

What I really do -> should be some poor fucker working on an excel spreadsheet.

very funny, any hoo

This ^^

Meh, i don’t think you guys understand meme’s… They’re supposed to be ironic and funny. Your suggestions make them realistiic and disheartening.

I lol’d.

Funny - sure. Ironic - not so much

Don’t you think?