what if doing around 50% of EOC ?

The basic strategy is … - Schweser reading & some memorize the basic concepts - all CFAI curriculum example question - all CFAI curriculum EOC (questions at the end of each chapter) - mock & sample exams resembling the real test situation In here some deviation may be needed considering current schedule. that is from ‘doing all EOC’ to ‘around 50% EOC’ (with 100% item set style question) How much is that okay for the preparing the exam? Here are 2 important weaknesses… 50% EOC & almost no or very very small reading CFA curriculum contents…

50% is better than 0%

I actually think that some of th examples in the CFAI text are better than EOC questions IMO.

my plan is to do all of the CFAI examples in the text and as many of the EOC problems as possible.