What if men could get pregnant?

Thanks be to Yahoo for this earth-shattering wisdom…

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Cosby, Billy Crystal – what do they all have in common? They’ve all played pregnant men as part of pop culture’s ongoing fascination with the possibility of men sporting baby bumps. So we wondered, what if men could get pregnant?

Gentlemen, it’s time to start nesting – get those prenatal vitamins, yoga balls and oversized football jerseys – you’re having a baby. And start preparing for nine months of weight gain, back pain, swollen ankles. and let’s not forget, labor pains.

“The big concerns I have with men getting pregnant is that they would all require C-sections,” says Dr. Jill Hechtman, medical director at Tampa Obstetrics. “And I would see problems with having enough O.R. space and more O.R. staff to accommodate.”

With 81 percent of Congress being men who can now carry a baby, laws for a better work-life balance could pass.

“You have lots and lots of women going back to work very soon after giving birth and i think men would get why that’s crazy if they were actually issuing these babies right from their own loins,” says Sharon Lerner, author of “The War on Moms.”

“If we really had a society where everybody was the same reproductively and sort of had the same possibility of becoming pregnant, then i think the reasons that employers discriminate against women would erode to a great degree,” says Jeannette Cox, professor of law at the University of Dayton School of Law.

And what would our professional sports look like? Imagine LeBron James or Tom Brady missing nine months of action. If Tom Brady did give birth, most men would understand if he wanted to take time off to stay home with the kids and maybe even start a daddy blog while Gisele brought home the bacon.

“Women are still primarily responsible for the majority of childcare in this country and so if men were able to give birth, I think that a lot of these stereotypes would break down and we would also associate caregiving and nurturing and things like that with men and masculinity as well,” says Christin Munsch, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Furman University.

“I would be on pins and needles waiting for Tom Brady’s tell-all book about his pregnancy,” says Justin Worsham from “The Dad Podcast.” “People would be like, ‘remember when he missed the preseason?’ ‘No Why?’ ‘Episiotomy.’”

If woman could get laid without getting pregnant, would they want to sleep around?

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I’d be milking maternity leave for all it’s worth

If Greenmsn was pregnant he would weigh 400 lbs instead of 320

To be fair, I think my wife on mat leave works 2x as hard as I do. I took 6 weeks off and going back to work was like a vacation. You start looking forward to the week days where you can kick back and read the news for 15 minutes.

To those of you who think being preganant and giving birth is a vacation: Watch child birth videos on youtube!