What if you don’t pass?

I am re-taker. Last year I was band 10 and I really do not know what if I fail (my score pass/fail estimation is 50/50)… If I am less than band 10, I would not try again but if I am in band 10 again, I really do not know… Probable in my situation the worst option is band 10…

I’ll take it again.

IMHO, the fact that you are 50/50 on pass/fail (which I am too, and I’m not judging you on that) is a sign that you may not have been as prepared as you needed to be. how did you feel coming out of Level 1? I was like 90/10 pass/fail, and am also around 50/50 for Level 2. what i’m saying is, evaluate whether you can truly find new ways or strategies to get more out of your preparation - I know personally I did not feel as prepared going into Level 2, so I know there’s lots of room to improve. Band 10 vs Band 9 is a few questions, very marginal difference and may not be the best evaluator of whether you should retake or not.

I’ll probably feel down for a week. I’m prepared for bad news though cause I’m certain I did not pass…

Never give up! Here are some inspiring tales of perseverance, especially GPM’s post: http://www.analystforum.com/forums/cfa-forums/cfa-level-iii-forum/91324301

Get a rifle or the fishing rope and go hunting or fishing ! That should release some pressure.

To be honest, I thought you were going another direction when I read the beginning of that sentence.

Focus on work x10 to make up for it.

I hate failing, or losing to be clearer.

If I don’t pass? Well…


haha i was thinking the same thing ahahhaa

I am afraid I would fall into a deep depression, for a few weeks at least. I think it’d crush my performance at work and the shame would be unbearable.

I really hope it went fine…

use the hacksaw

^ does L2 fail entitle you to use a less rusty hacksaw?

Yes. Fail is bad. Band 10 is worse.

Yes. Fail is bad. Band 10 is worse.

I will pass

Gonna wait for July 29th…or whatever the first date is available and register again.

I think i will try to ‘forget’ CFA L2 for the moment.

Focus on my local Actuarial Exam (P & FM) for this November.

After that, i will begin studying L2 again… laugh

Tomorrow it’s going to be a beautiful day here in Chicago. Sunny and warm. I’m waking up, taking my dogs to the park, maybe skipping my morning expresso and opting for a beer instead on my deck while I lose my self in music. Then I’ll open my email. Undoubtedly I’ll be dazed regardless of of the outcome. Either way, it will still be a beautiful day + I won’t have to spend it hoping against hope that I passed because I’ll know my results. The moment in time that was June 6 will be over.

fuck that dont plan for failure. I took the day off to celebrate. Maybe daydrinking by the pool, definitely nothing productuve.