What is a buy programme ?

wondering if there is a special term I am missing here… ref book 6 1 AM question 10. Plus…announcing making a market is not a violation?

A buy program just implies that a broker is acting on behalf of a client in accumulating shares. If investor wants a large number of shares in a company in may take a few days to build such a position depending on liquidity on pricing. Making a market is not a violation. It just means that the broker will act as intermediary to help facilitate trading in a particular stock. So if you want to buy shares of AAPL but there are no sellers, a market maker might go short and then sell you the shares…this is called “making a market”. A lot of this was covered more thoroughly in Level 1…

a buy program is software that buys/sells securities automatically adding liquidity is not considered a market violation as long as the intent is clearly disclosed.

was under the impression that it was an electronic algorithm some sort of broker setup