What is a corner portfolio?

What is a corner portfolio?

It’s something that’s no longer in the curriculum.

For a portfolio that is not allowed to hold short positions, it’s a point along the efficient frontier at which the weight for one of the constituent securities goes from positive to zero, or from zero to positive.

Now . . . ignore it.

Love doing non-relevant practice questions on schweser

been doing it all along and scoring decently on it. talk about nailing all the irrelevant stuff lol.

Though not very well explained, corner portfolios have been discussed in an exhibit in the curriculum (Exhibit 5, Pg 241, Volume 3).

I actually think there might be a multiple choice question on the corner portfolio. It is mentioned once in the curriculum so they can throw it in as part of an obscure question. They’re known for throwing in questions here and there that are mentioned in 1 line of text…

Well, in that case y’all now know what these silly things are.

Don’t y’all feel better now?