What is a safe score in CFA Level1 official mocks

I am scoring in higher 60s but i am unable to score 70% or above in aggregate. I was wondering if some who has cleared the the level1 could tell me is this good enough to pass or do i need to actually score more than 70% in mocks



You should aim for something higher. You’re just on the cusp of a guaranteed pass, so now is the time to figure out why you’re getting questions wrong.

Why, if you get like 71% in a mock test, are you going to be like “all safe now, no more studying is necessary”?

Safe score? 100%

if you are constantly getting over 80% on all mocks you should be safe

Even someone scored consistently 95% in mock tests, I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t feel safe and will continue to take mocks.

So, you won’t feel safe until Saturday. :grin:

Last time my friend scores 75% in cfai mock and got above 70% in all ten subjects in actual exam .I think you are somewhat in safe zone to pass the exam

Data point: I got 72% avg on all my level 1 mocks. Passed with >70 in everything except FRA and PM.

I got 55% avg on all my level 2 mocks last year. Failed band 7.

lol I have been scoring 89% average on my 3 CFAI mocks and 80 % average on my Schweser mocks… I still do not feel safe.

I very rarely scored above 70 in level 1 mocks. Usually very high 60s with lowest at 68. Then got above 70 for my last 2 or so mocks, with highest at 75 on CFAI mock. I think I passed because I knew the big topics inside and out, especially FRA and ethics. My mock results were always consistent (I.e. Above 70 in FRA, quant, FI, ethics). If your mock result topic weights are all over the place, That’s not a good sign. In level 1, you need a few core areas that you can answer ANY question on correctly.

Otherwise You should be okay! Good luck!

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