What is a simp?

what are the characteristics that define a simp?

Earns less than $100k/yr.

Never heard anyone use the word, had to google it. Does including your home equity in your net worth make you a simp?

Someone who doesn’t keep his filthy colon clean??? :roll_eyes:

all im sayng is dictionary.com is starting to get with the times. i no longer have to rely on urban dictionary. yall should look up ■■■■■■■■

You could really kind of use “cuckold” or “ponce” in there as quasi-synonyms for this supposed meaning of simp. Simp, prior to whatever nonsense TikTok thing this is supposed to mean, always meant a simple person, an idiot. But this is definitely something different.

But to maximize the devastation of one’s insult, it is imperative that a large enough slice of the population understands the insult, not just a small subset where the subset thinks it’s devastating, but someone who isn’t into whatever microculture bull$#!t spawned it would easily dismiss the insult, as well as the simp delivering said insult.

Ay mijo. :roll_eyes:

In this iteration, “simp” is probably short for simpering. Kids these days… :unamused:

Never heard of ponce

What kind of cuck never heard of a ponce? Hash hash hash

(I’ve also never heard of a ponce)

150 :heavy_dollar_sign: :dollar: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings:

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I’d look it up. But if you’re not trending on tiktok. You’re basically not relevant.

Speaking of relevancy and TikTok, I asked my teenaged niece if she knew who Elon Musk was, as she was at the house the day SpaceX successfully launched two human beings to the ISS, the first time in history a nongovernmental entity has achieved such a feat.

She said, “Who?”

I muttered, “never mind” as she resumed craning her neck downwards to watch TikTok videos.

Bet you Elon musks gf has a tiktok

It’s almost certainly true, given his girlfriend. If so, your point would be?

Everyone relevant has a tiktok lol

Tiktok is basically malware.

But it also teaches hot chicks to throw it back.

Is Elon’s baby mama relevant? Her most-viewed YouTube video is from like 8 years ago and has less than 65m views

Lol actually I have no idea why Elon is with her. I don’t find her attractive.