What is BB?

Very Dumb question.

EOC is end of chapter.

what is BB?

Book Bxxx?

oh dear

it stands for blue box questions within each chapter of the CFAI text. Even if you didn’t know that acronym, if you have reviewed those and the end of chapter questions you’ll have a legit shot a passing. If you didn’t review those questions, as that guy #hashtag says #betterluckin2016

BB is Blue Box. They are called Blue Box because in the examples are in boxes with blue background in CFA Curriculum.

big black…

Buck Bounce

-Eightball & MJG

BBs not that relevant for level3 as for level2, who’s with me? (lets check on saturday :D)

I completely skipped BBs on L2. Some of them were like 50 pages long and I was on an abbreviated time frame. I thought the L2 BBs were far too detailed for what needed to be know for the exam.

BBs on Level II. LOL.

BBs on Level III are real nice. Most of the calculations on the exam can be found within them. However, if you have worked a series of mock questions then you have probably covered everything in the BBs.

BB’s are overated.

Did not use them in any of my three attempts in level II.





BBs were significant for me in passing L2 and also were decent for L3 prep. Without the BB would be boring to read just the curriculum