What is cipm


It don seems popular

anyone know?

Having had a quick browse through the page it looks to be a CFA-like program but more focused on performance analysis. So, in the same way that FRM is geared towards risk management, CIPM is geared towards those who are focused on performance analysis (i.e. calculating PnL, PnL attribution, benchmarking, etc).

If L3 GIPS was your cup of tea, then CIPM is for you! It’s not very popular in this region at the moment, but the sponsor (CFAI) is well known. Maybe someone doing the program can comment.

performance is elite back office , like transfer pricing

I know a couple of people who’ve done it in our performance measurement team. I’d say it’s middle office, but then most middle offce is in someway elite back office.

As I understand there’s not a lot of point doing it if you’ve done the CFA, unless you have a lot of discussion about performance analysis. for example you’re an analyst at a Fund of Fund.