What is Claritas?

Is the Claritas curriculum effectively CFA light?


Does it teach you anything that the CFA doesn’t?

Looks like some sort of base level certificate, similar to the IMC we have in the UK. Probably designed for back office and distribution people.

I’m actually quite surprised that the phrase ‘maybe you should try enrolling in Claritas’ hasn’t become a standard insult on this forum.

It created a big uproar when it was announced. People were thinking it’s going to totally dilute the CFA charter, kind of like if Harvard suddenly created a really easy to get into & crummy MBA program.

I think this thing is great. Next time someone asks, “Should I do the CFA?”

Our answer can simply be:

“Do you have a job as a research analyst or a portfolio manager? No? Then take claritas.”

Think people will be convinced by that?

I’d bet the majority of people doign the CFA program is just to have the 3 letters behind their name. Claritas doesn’t come with that privelege

yeah but at least we wont have to explain it to them. This is so much more concise: “No job as an analyst or potfolio manager. You want claritas, not the CFA. Oh, and here’s a free hacksaw.”

I still think it sounds like an off brand allergy medication.

When I hear Claritas, I think:

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air

This is worse than CIPM.


Does anybody know somebody who has actually gone through the program? What did they say about it?

I talked to one guy. He had had a high pitched voice though because he took a hacksaw to his balls.

was his name eric?


82% passed the exam. How dumb are the 18% that failed?

“The profile of candidates who took part in the pilot ranged across operations, administration, IT, HR, marketing, sales, compliance and customer service.”

This statement alone proves it is a hacksaw exam.

Claritas is probably a really watered down and shorter version of L1. But it’s far more profitable to create a whole new certification and make people pay for it, then to simply say “all finance-industry related professionals should take L1”

82% of ops, admin, IT, HR, marketing, sales, compliance and customer service passed…this is not even close to watered down L1…this is watered down CIPM.

We CFA types should get a free perscription of Claritas.

it’s only a matter of time before we start to see posts saying:

‘I’ve just passed Claritas 1st time. Do you think I’ll now be able to pass CFA Level 1 in 2 months time?’