what is EOC ?

I am actually new here and I would like to ask one simple question… As I looking around it seems important to complete the EOC questions… but I could not find any End of chapter question in the curriculum books but only ‘practice problems’ after each readings… EOC mean them? And also i saw there is Schweser EOCs too but i cannot find them … after i am going through Schweser 2nd time. i guess it means concept checkers + challeange problems. would like to know my guess is right Thanks.

Yes that is correct.

You didnt receive the separate EOC Booklet sent by the CFAI in December?

I got my separate EOC questions booklet but I won’t even bother cracking it open. I will just spend my time reading the EOC Summaries of the CFAI books.

I did not receive any separate books from CFA Institute except curriculum books. Is there any separate EOC books that candidate recieves? And what is the practice problems after each readings in Curriculum book? it is not the EOC problem? And what is the EOC summaries of the CFAI books (=curriculum book?)… I am confused…

They are joking. EOC problem refers to the problems at the end of the each reading. There is no separate booklet

Thanks a lot

I think it means End Of Curriculum. Questions relating to End of Curriculum such as what are you going to work on next? what other designations are out there? can you pass the test once you have finished the curriculum? stuff like that.

trubble is there are so few EOC’s in some sections . You cannot develop mental muscle with a low rate of excercise. So you have to fall back on Stalla/QBank to be able to practice , even if you are going good on CFAI EOC