What is everyone averaging on mocks now?

Really depressed about my progress…need to know where I stand against other candidates…

i just finished a 6hr mock (3hrs each session + 1hr break in between)…Exam 3 Vol.1 (Kaplan)

-got a 63% in the morning session

-50% flat on the afternoon session

total avg. of 56%

…I was gonna review both exams right after but my neck /head r killin me so il hit the sack and get my day start early…looks like I got some serious work to do

Have you given cfa dec 2012 mock ? If yes whats ur score in that

Been averaging around 68-69% on schweser mocks and avrgd 70% on the cfai mock… Seems like I’m stuck in this range and not moving beyond. Someone mentioned that we need to be scoring in late 70’s to be ‘comfortable’ for the exam… :(:frowning:

Keep working hard everyone. I was sitting around a 70 average on a my first two mocks, then went on the break the questions I missd down and also revisit my weak areas. I’m now averaging low 80s on the last two mocks. Just keep working and you will see the improvement. Also, be sure to utlize the CFAI mocks as well as the Schwesers.

I got around 70-75%, but really bad at ethics …

Averaging around 70%. No mocks have been below 64% yet…and I seem to be getting slightly better each time.

I just need to focus on a few a bit more and really memorise my formula sheet…as it has nearly EVERYTHING that i can’t remember on it. If I memorise that sheet…I should be in with a shot!..arghh!! Stressed!

Haven’t taken any mocks yet, I feel I am better off just reviewing what I don’t know and learning. What is the point of wasting 6 hours taking a mock only to get a 50 just to remind you that you don’t even know the material? I don’t see the logic someone clue me in…

I’ve met so many CFA Level III candidates who aren’t allowed to discuss the actual exams but keep repeating, “take as many mocks as you can”, that I suspect the they recycle old questions. I hope I’m right, but who knows! At the very least it’s giving me an idea of what to focus on and what to exclude from my revision.

I’m with you on this. I prefer reviweing and solving several question banks per LOS than just hitting a thousand mocks. I haven’t seen many people improve substantially by taking more mocks which i may argue could either leave a candidate less confident or too confident about their actual ability.

I believe every one has different style to study so i think that there are candidates that can get great advantages from the mock exam.

It can gives you a clear view about how to manage your time during the test. Another benefit is you can prepare the endurance of your brain for the test.

you’re absolutely right. I did like at least 10 mocks and there were many similiar question. In fact I think it was around 10-15% of the same question with the same numbers.

Keep doing mocks rather than reviweing your material. This what I called reverse learning as you learn after you did the question. It really safe alot of time as you tend to know what are question are going to be asked and which topics are clearly waste of time.

All the best guys!

Can anybody gove cfa mocks before 2009

Well I just wrote Schweser Mock 1 AM session, 77.5%… but it felt like a very easy 77.5%, that only took 2.2 hours. Haven’t decided if I’ll get through the PM session tonight, but I will say seeing that score after getting low-mid 60’s on the qbank is a bit of an encouragement. But there’s definately a lot of material that wasn’t touched on and I know I’m weak on (ie duration calculation)

Edit: did the PM section, 76.7% in 2 hrs for a total of 77.1% on schweser mock 1. Completely freaked for about an hour before I realized my 30% was because I used the wrong answer key though lol. I’m thinking my brains telling me I’m done for the day :stuck_out_tongue: