What is everyone's background and age? Just curious

Hi all,

I would really like to know everyone’s background as a CFA Level I candidate.

I am a Treasury Assistant working for a bank in Seattle.

It seems like everyone in my Finance Dept. has a CFA: Finance team, Secondary Marketing team, Accounting Team;

and that is why I am getting it.

Care to share??

22, economics major, class of 2012. That’s what I studied. When people ask, I would just skip that fact that my other major was psychology. Eff that gpa de-booster.

^ I feel the same about my math minor. calculus was just a waste of time.

26, econ/finance/math degree, graduated june 2012, business analyst for a large oil services company

taking my cfa partly because I’m very interested in the stuff, partly because boss is paying for it

I wish I had made Math/Stats my major rather than psychology, at least it’s useless for landing a job in equity research at boutiques/mm/bb/whatever. It’s a drag comparing to a major in something quantitative.

25, econ major, FA at large firm. Looking to further career and get out of sales eventually…

I’m 23, has just graduated from university, majoring in Finance and Banking :smiley: Looking for jobs in an investment bank.

27, econ and philosophy major (nor regrets about the philosophy, it was awesome), been working as an equity/portfolio analyst in a small firm for the last 4 years.

Doing the CFA because firms don’t seem to respect my past experience because it’s not from a large firm.

25, Graduated with BS in 2010. Degree in Finance and doubled in Econ. Currently work as an analyst at a REIT, Alooooooooot of back office reporting type stuff, that is why I am pursuiting the CFA.

28, Law graduate but working in MO Ops for 3 yrs now

Nice !! So to sum up, having CFA destination just a carreer booster for you guys?

God, sometimes I think holding a CFA doesnt really make me stand out. It makes me stands among them…lol

because everyone in the industry already has or pursuing it…

Can anyone tell am I violating CFA Professional conduct here? lol way too much Ethics reading…

28, Finance and Econ double major. 4-years experience in project finance/controllership for a big consulting firm. CFA holders are few, but the respect is given. Partially why i’m seeking the CFA

24, Economics and Finance major and Information Technology minor…

actually i have forgotten almost everything about econ and finance after working as a programmer for 1.5 year lol

24 econ major

doing it for the models and bottles

26, looking to switch from banking to asset management

33, Science degree with a major in Zoology. Product Manager for an Investment Wrap/Platform.

27, finance degree, work in a small asset management company, job involves some research but too much admin. stuff

the financial industry actually confirmed me in my view that we’re all just animals, probably your degree is more relevant than mine…

turning 27 tmrw…scourge of the underworld

^ Pardon me if I am wrong mate , but I think this question was specifically for Level 1 candidates.

^ you are pardoned but you will lose a leg :slight_smile:

29, Head of Risk Control in our small branch here in Hong Kong. I studied a Msc in Applied Physics & Applied Electronics with major/specialization in financial mathematics, started to double in Economics but got part time job instead and never got around to learn the basic economics courses.

So I see multi purpose for me, strenghten my background to quant + economics, to stay and work in HK (on expat contract now) for VP positions it’s basically a requirment (in Sweden basically nobody has CFA) and at some point I see myself switching to asset management.

Really struggling with some parts of the material, while others are more annoying since they manage to trick me on things I know and think is easy.