What is everyone's study plan for the next 6 weeks?

I have been through Schweser notes a few times and been through a bunch of multiple choice Qbank tests. I’m thinking about just going ahead and going through the Schweser practice tests for more focused practice. I plan on working through these tests for the next few weeks until i’m ready to begin taking them for real. I’ll finish up the last few weeks taking both Schweser practice tests and Mock CFAI tests. I also compiled a formula sheet that I plan to burn through from time to time to keep formulas fresh. I nailed level 2 using these tactics, but i’m wondering what everyone else is doing. I’m really not focusing on CFAI EOC’s that much, because i’m planning on focusing on the Schweser vol 1 and 2 practice tests…

I have read through the Schweser notes twice and the second time around took my own notes on important concepts. I plan on reading through my notes (a few hundred handwritten pages) once a week and doing as many practice questions as I can (previous CFA exams, Schweser practice tests, Q-bank). At this point I believe it’s all about repetition.

started a couple of days ago, caffeine, eminem, and lil wayne keep me going, if i can sustain it for 40 days i think i stand a good chance

i am gona pick the world up and i’m gona drop it on your f*** head, back to eoc

Almost finished going through Schweser for the second itme (on GIPS), have gone through Schweser twice, EOCs twice, a couple hundred QBank questions, and once this is done I’m going to do a practice exam. I’ll see from there what I still don’t know, and start drilling readings I suck at.

If I have time I’ll do all the questions again.

I basically went through schweser reading by reading for l1 and l2, doing cfai eoc and qbank questions after each study session without much reviewing. I found I had trouble retaining information from earlier on which made my review sessions very intense.

For level 3, I’ve been going through each reading, cfai eoc, and qbank after each SS but going back and reviewing everything from previous books after completing each schweser book and then doing qbank questions on everything I learned cumulatively. The drawback is that I’m still currently on reading 37 and haven’t even looked at ethics yet either.

Im hoping to finish the rest of the material by the first week of may while continuing to review everything before and then doing as many qbank and mocks as possible in the last 3 weeks. Banking on better retention this time. Scared to death of the morning ips section though.

qbank more helpful for this level than past? or ignore it and stick w/ only EOC?

I completely ignored it on L2 and went out fine on just EOC 2-3x.

by now book once. EOC twice, schweser once. sauce once.

going over blue boxes while reviewing with eocs and secret sauce till end of april

will start practice exam on first day of may.

Through Schweser almost twice, almost all qbank questions, some eoc, 3-day schweser seminar and first week of sharp seminars… about 285 hours so far… going for 450+

I only have CFAI books and went through that once only. I don’t think i have time to go through it again. also did all EOC questions. and did 2011 and 2010 morning session. I think it is better to focus on morning session since that is the most difficult part.

Both Schweser exam books, CFA Sample #2, CFA mock, Schweser Live Mock. Insane review of my own notes. Stay healthy, stay focused, beg for the last week off of work (not to cram, but to study a solid 8 hours per day and rest with confidence).