what is exam day like?

the tension and emotions… more importantly, how is the test administered - if its on a pc can you go back and redo problems that you already submitted (if time allows it)?

hi starbuk, the answers are not given on a pc. best wishes, daniel www.financial-exam.com

Starbuk- As to the test administration - you’ll be taking it on scantron sheets [you’ll be handed a question book and an answer bubble sheet at the start of each of the two sections]. Yes, you can go back and re-work questions if you’ve got time. As to the tension and emotions, it’s pretty intense. I took and passed level 1 in New York City, where the exam was done in the Javits convention center - myself and about 7000 other aspiring candidates packed in a huge hall, two to a picnic table. Emotions are mainly just relief in feeling that A) The actual test was about as hard as my mocks had been - not much better or worse. B) I was finally going to have my free time back, if only for six weeks while I waited for results. Put in your required number of hours until you’re getting 80%+ on practice exams, and the nervous tension will not be a problem. Best of luck, SSF

thanks ssf

supersadface hit it right on. I passed level 1 last June in Philly and it was the same as described above. TONS of people all crowded into a gigantic room at the convention center, everyone sitting 2 to a table facing the front of the room. At lunch everyone was talking about the test and comparing ideas. oh, and just some quick advice, don’t talk to anyone during lunch about your answers or the test. It will only make you second guess yourself and you will question your confidence… the test is intense but seeing a “pass” six weeks later was the best feeling ever. good luck to everyone on level 1. dan

Took 12/09 in Los Angeles. The unknown is the scary part, but the reality is not all that intimidating. As others have said, the exam is given in large halls, with tables spread into sections. Proctors are everywhere, and there are two exam takers per desk (although lots of desks were empty). The folks running the show were courteous and understanding. They stuck to CFA policy but were very polite. Need to get up and stretch? No problem. Get there early, bring spare pencils, calculators, etc. Read the rules carefully. Don’t eat too much before the morning and afternoon sessions. For me, the experience was quite positive.

be grateful you don’t get stuck with a marching band outside. i can’t believe that happened. don’t discuss anything with anyway…finish it and then smile for about 1 week afterwards. feels great

exam day can be what you want it to be. If you put in your time and know your stuff, it’ll be just fine. I came out knowing full well I definitely passed. Relaxed for the next several weeks, results out, and sure enough I passed If you don’t know your stuff, you’ll go. Think: dang this is hard stuff. and not pass.

Hi Dan - Do you know of anyone taking Level I this December? I am in philly too

There is a video posted by CFAI on youtube. Just search for CFA exam on youtube. They could have done a better job but you might find it useful.anyway.

In Atlanta there’s an SEC championship game during the December exam. Makes it kinda hard to review with all the drunk football fans walking around. I’m taking Level 1 again this time in June. Should be much calmer. Good luck everyone!

if you bring a lunch is there a place to keep it in the test center? I’m assuming there’s thousands of people writing in each test center so i’m just wondering if its best to leave my lunch in my car of if they have some way of keeping track of everything?

Yes. There is a room where you can leave any belongings that they won’t allow you to take into the room. I leave most of my stuff in the car though.

Don’t forget you might want to leave your expensive Apple smartphones at home if you don’t want to leave them lying there in the open in that room or leaving them in your car. You can’t bring the phone to your desk, as you can with your wallet, passport, No2 pencils and calculator.