what is my market value... ?

Hello all, this is my first post on the forum… hope I will be able to learn and contribute a lot on this forum. I would like to check what you guys think about my market value / current salary. My background is: Economics graduate with BSc and MSc degrees Joined management trainee scheme in London after uni at a global bank (2 year scheme) Been at my current bank for 4 years Current role, managing team of 5 ppl - mainly business MI-analysis / project delivery Current compensation package is £32,000 per annum + 10% profit share + 15% discretionary bonus. I am based in London and contemplating a career change. Either changing bank, going into consultancy or joining another blue-chip company. What do you guys think my market value is? Thanks for any constructive input.

Are we marking to market or marking to model?

It’s difficult to comment b/c you don’t say what you want to do. First impression is that you could go work for a Unilever or P&G and earn a similar amount. Your comp is not very good by London / financial services standards given experience.

Your pay is frankly horrendous. The entry-level salary at a bank is £35-37k, even for someone working in Ops, so I’m not sure how you can be making less than that with 4 years experience.

yep 32k is vey poor after 4 years. I assume this is on the commercial side of a global bank? our grads start on 37k (FO) with a 5k sign on. Ops is around 30k i believe. This is on the IB side though.

Your pay is horrible.

And your approach to resolving it is not thinking like a finance professional. Suggest that you either start thinking like a finance professional and let the pay take care of itself or think about something else.

I know v little about the UK job market, but I’ve been doing hiring for a role there and I can tell you that you’re well underpaid if you’re any good. Have you done any job hunting? Do you have any leads in to other roles that pay higher? Those are really the best indication of your value, not what we may think.