What is next?

Hi Everybody

I have just finished CFA and FRM programs and working as asset liability management risk consultant.

My back ground is business administration and I did ms degree on financial engineering.

Any other program that you can advise?


Considering that you’ve just finished CFA, what I’d recommend is a 1 month vacation program!



I am on it right now

thanks for advice

They have a good “Chilling” program in Jamaica. I can advise you more on the program if you are interested.

But in all seriousness my advice is to chill out and enjoy life man.

CFA, FRM and MSFE for a risk consultant? Seems like you are pretty much set.

Do you want to change jobs or are you happy in your field?

If you want to change jobs it depends on the job, but probably a top MBA (who knows maybe even one of those if you want to stay in the same field)

other than that I can’t really think of anything that wouldn’t be a ton of work (phd? Actuary?)

Overall I would say your formal education has finished.

stop taking school and go make money. you are well beyond the point of diminishing marginal returns

get more letters, do it. hurry

My advice… concentrate on your career now… I am not a CFA yet; in fact I failed Band 10 today. But, I work as a Portfolio Manager in one of the leading investment Banks in Manhattan.

I am a CPA, CAIA and holds an MSc degree in Economics. I started my career as a Auditor in a big 4 firm in 2007. Moved to investment banking in 2010. Started there as an Investment Analyst and with time rose to the Portfolio Manager position.

I have learnt one thing in this industry… concentrate on your career or on your investment ventures more than you do on you do on academics and you will surely prosper.

My boss cannot trade me for a Charterholder… in fact, when I send the CFA exam payment invoice for his approval, he always remarks ‘Not that this CFA is gonna do anything to your career, but it’s good to have it’…

I plan to eventually open my own small firm; may be in 4-5 years’ time; perhaps then, the ‘CFA’ will look good in my marketing materials…

All in all, the experience that I have gathered from concentrating on my career is irreplaceble… so do it man, make yourself good in what you do…

Thank you all of you guys for your advices.

Actually, I am pretty settled at my job and I may target to move back one of local bank in the future. I am a little bit old to change my area and I think it is better to handle risk related jobs.

My motivation for this kind of certification is just to keep my mind fresh. Nothing more.

Do the continuing education online things on the CFA website to keep fresh, and read all their articles.

Getting into random programs will turn you into the eternal student. Is your job/field not challenging enough?

Try playing chess and doing puzzles.