what is probability of..

whats the probability of having same( here same means literally same) questions from schweser?? the guys who gave exam already…how many questions ll appear as that from schweser… do not include ethics in this… Thanks for help…in advance

0 cfa exam is a completely different experience when compared to Schweser. you get used to the questioning style, and the language over all of the time you spend with the schweser / stalla material. the exam itself you see only for a few hours, so it is different, and you feel that you have been roughed up at the end of it. Till you see a pass or a fail, it is a state of continuous doubt. Did I do well enough to merit a pass, or was there something more that could be done. but only taking either schweser or stalla questions / exams as your reference, do not try to estimate what the real exam itself feels like.