What is QBank

Hi Everyone - Noob question: What is QBank and where can it be purchased?

Qbank is an online question bank offered through Schweser. I didn’t use it too much for level 1. I think I only used about 400 questions from it. I would recommend using the practice exams instead. Here’s the site: https://www.schweser.com/cfa/index.php

Qbank is very good tool for practice and learning. You can construct exam of the lenght and difficulty you want. And when you fail on the question, you can be redirected right into LOS and you can see on what page in the book you can find that LOS, so you can find information fast. Practice exams are better month or couple of weeks before the exam, but if you want practice and learn at the same time, Qbank is right tool. It’s just my opinion.

It is an excellent tool. I could not have passed Level 1 without it.

How many total questions in QBank?

Several thousand, but a lot of them are repetitive. Don’t mistake QB for a Schweser practice exam. QB is good for just hammering in (on a basic level) things covered in the LOS. The_Next_Olinto Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How many total questions in QBank?