What is the best material to successfully prepare for the CAIA Level 1 2020 (September)?

Enrolling this week, based on your own experience, is the CAIA Curriculum enough considering the time available till the exam? or should I go with a reliable prep prodder like Kaplan Schweser? (I have a full-time schedule between part-time job and master degree with daily lectures)

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CAIA curriculu, CAIA exercisew, and Uppermark Question Bank. More than this is a waste of money imo.

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I was considering to purchase Kaplan but I have enough time to study that, as you say, the curriculum and markup questions should be enough!

What do you mean with the CAIA curriculum and CAIA exercises? Are the official books?
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CAIA curriculum is the core book. https://caia.org/content/caia-level-ii-core-book
CAIA exercises are 1) Embedded in the chapters of the core book (similar to blue boxes for CFA), and 2) Available in the CAIA workbook for every chaptee (https://caia.org/content/workbook-level-ii)

Hope this helps.

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Hello, someone knows if there are significant differences between the 3rd and 4th edition of the Wiley book? I already started with the third edition and not really willing to buy a new book and start from scratch.

I have the new curriculum and also the previous edition and i would say that there are many changes. I recommend you to buy third party material for sept 2020.

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Is anyone using Flashcards? Do you think they are helpful? Thanks

Hi, first time taking CAIA Level I.
Do you think that starting today is enough time to prepare?

You have enough time to prepare for Level I and Level II together til September.

Hey guys. Is there already a study group or chat group formed for the caia level 1 september 2020 ?

I’m interested as well. Nothing organised for the moment I think.

I am interested as well if you create a group.

Okay guys! Let’s create a group then! Watsapp or Telegram ? Also which materials are you using ?

I made a discord for CAIA Candidates and posted it on this forum in the past week, though i believe it was deleted by the mods.

I believe they’re trying to force you to use this forum to discuss CAIA related matters so i think if anyone makes a group and publicizes it, it will get censored. Just FYI

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Hey thank you for you answer. How can I have access to this discord channel ?

Am I the only one who hasn’t got the update version of Uppermark Test Bank?
I still couldn’t access questions for “Private Equity” and “Structured Product” area.

How did you go on the September 2020 exam? Could you tell us a bit on how you prepared and if you think an exam prep provider is really needed or just a Qbank would be enough?