What is the best non-work experience, non-education related item one can put on their resume?

For CFA type finance jobs. What would you say is the best thing someone can have on their resume to benefit their chances of getting an interview that isn’t education or work experience related? Is there anything else important enough that could help? Volunteer hours? Personal portfolio management records? Mensa membership? Some sort of physical fitness accomplishment that shows your ability to commit years and thousands of hours? A record of playing college sports? Tough call.

Represented your country in your chosen sport. Even if you lost.

I disagree

I wouldn’t be interested in seeing anything that says you’re a fitness nut/weight lifter. that potentially raises the dbag flag

Well that’s totally unfair. It’s a legitimate hobby that most people do for health or because they have a passion for it, not because they wanna get jacked and tan. Granted, there are douchebags (Jersey Shore), but there are douchebags in most other extra curriculars as well.

Golf maybe? Lots of finance people like golf and may give you something to talk about (what golf courses you played, or tournaments you’ve been to).

I’ve never played golf myself but I do like motor racing so I put that. Usually get a question about that every time. It’s not really a team activity (at my level) so it may or may not benefit but I am who I am.

Hypothetically scored 750+ on the GMAT based on a relatively obscure online test.


I have a number of friends/acquanitances that played high level college football and several of them got NFL tryouts or played in NFL Europe before it shut down. The ease with which they have converted their kinesiology and physical education degrees into really well paying jobs with consulting firms, financial firms and medical device sales leads me to believe that playing a sport at a very high level is way up on the list.

Damn, greenie got there before me.

Volunteering for a good cause is well-regarded up here. I always list one sport I’m good at individually and one i’m good at team-based (soccer-coaching,playing,managing). Those have been good talking points and help break down barriers quickly. Don’t put something you’ve played once with your buddies, or it’s co-ed rec beer league… and for god’s sake if you’re a beginner, say so.

If you have nothing to list, post your best ‘2048’ score to demonstrate your high level of intelligence.


That’s a good one! Need to put that one on mine. I’ve tutored 2 finance students (despite never taking a finance class myself) and they both finished the class with A’s.

fantasy football champion

That wouldn’t pique my interest either, but a lot of finance types are obsessed with being the alpha male (or female equivalent) and I could see it resonating with them.

If you won a math olimpiad or something like that, it might pique other peoples’ interests too, but maybe that’s too close to “education.”

Starting and running your own business (even if not fully successful at it) can get people interested. It suggests that you have experience with certain kinds of decisionmaking. Or doing some similar project in a non-profit or charitable space.

“Best buddies with Janet Yellen” would probably get someone’s interest too.

AF Poster.

Write down that you know Sergio. That shiz opens mad doors…


You can put that you are the 2006 Time Magazine “Person of the Year”…

In 2006 the cover of Time Magazine stated that “you are!”, meaning everyone was the person of the year.

LOL yep that’ll get em lining up!

i hope no one actually puts this. Just looks like you’re either trying to pull a fast one or make a joke on your resume

I actually like that idea. I wouldn’t put it on the resume but i would casually bring it up during an interview.

why? As soon as you’re questioned about it you’ll have to reveal the circumstances and it’ll just look silly or like you’re trying to fool them