What is the best route to break into risk management?

JoeyDVivre, It seems you are veteran in risk management. I have some friends who are graduation with MFEs and since there are few jobs right now, they think about break into risk management. Do you think a person with software development background plus a MFE could break into risk management? What kind of jobs she/he should look for? Do risk management certification help? Thanks,

Could you answer my question please?

Geez - I didn’t even read this. I only know about hedge fund risk management where there are usually just a few people and they usually have Ph.D.'s in more senior roles because it impresses the clients (or something). Software development with an MFE is a decent background, though, and there is plenty of programming in risk management.

After subprime crisis, I guess this area is expanding.

After Jerome Kerviel, people are asking if all risk managers are actually doing something useful. I’d say SocGen’s risk managers have been sleeping but in general it’s a key part of investing. Unfortunelately there are quite some organisations out there who screw up this aspect.