What is the *best* self study financial modeling course?

Breaking Into Wall Street? Wall Street Prep? Analyst Exchange?

I have Benninga’s book and I’m working through that but I think the self study packages currently on the market are a much better bang for your buck. Anyone have experience with these? What would you recommend for someone looking to get their feet wet? Thanks.

I used Wall Street Prep and thought it was a worthwhile investment as far as learning how to model and build your own. It should be more intuitive since you passed L2, I took it during my senior year in undergrad.

Thanks bpdulog. Wall Street Prep does look good, at least judging from its website and what I’ve seen so far.


Damodaran is the classic. Every time I reread bits of his stuff for whatever reason, I’m amazed at new stuff I pick up, or re-remember.

Have you looked into Breaking Into Wall Street? I have used Wall Street Prep, Training the Street and Breaking Into Wall Street over the years. They’re all pretty similar and all teach pretty effectively, so if it were me I would go for the least expensive of the three. I think that is Breaking Into Wall Street.

I do visit his site on a regular basis, I’ve read “The Dark Side of Valuation” (which I highly recommend), and I’m reading one of his papers on financial services company valuation. I agree he’s pretty awesome. But I’m looking for something more step by step teaching me how to build a model.

Thanks numi. I have but I’ve heard BIWS is sort “basic” compared to what else is out there. Then again, this is all ancedotal hence my thread. Their website does look good and I like their sample material I’ve seen. Good to know they have your recommendation.

Definitely Breaking into Wall Street, nothing else comes close to be honest.

I think BIWS offers a suite of different modeling products. The basic package is, as the name suggests, fairly basic, but from what I can tell it’s pretty sufficient form most typical plain vanilla equity models. Besides, my view is that modeling doesn’t need to be convoluted – the more variables you introduce to a model, the more ways it can go wrong. You shouldn’t need a complex model for a company when in most cases there are only 2-4 major things that drive the stock anyway.

+1 for BIWS

I think the content is above average, you can’t beat the price, and the website/layout is really clean.

Which one of these are free?

None obviously

So I took the plunge and bought the basic course from Breaking Into Wall Street. I’m just doing each video through a web browser. They tend to be anywhere from 2 - 10 minutes long.

I’m not through all of the videos yet but so far I feel it’s a worthwhile investment if learning to model is your goal. The videos are easy to watch, the Excel files are provided for your reference, and I like the fact that you can both ask questions and see questions other have asked per each video page. I’ll probably buy one of their advanced courses at some point in the future too.

Yeah, I did WSP with no accounting background. I got through it, but sure didn’t retain anything. I’m thinking I’ll redo the whole thing after writing in december, before I decide if I should go for L2 in June. Its just nice to see stuff as it is in the real world versus textbook examples.

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I got the Wall Street Prep Premium bundle thing and found it really useful. There is a bit of fluff in it but the foundations of what it teaches is useful.