what is the best way to spend my $500 (for CFA preparation)

Hi folks! I have CFAI readings, like basically all of us. I see one problem: the text are for READING, but we need to PRACTICE… so in any case additional question books are needed. which is the best? when to buy them? now - to train myself on the way - or in Feb - to prepare myself to mock exams???

Get the Schweser Qbank I would say…their Book 6 is decent too.

when to start??? any other ideas?

For $580 you can get Schwesers Essential’s pack which includes the notes, test books and the Qbank.

John Harris - Accounting Lecture

Qbanks and old exams. Schweser notes are good too.

Until the end of Oct there is a 10% discount on Schweser’s premium solution. So basically for another $300 bones you get a 16 week you get the essential package plus a 16 week online course.

It’s really tough to rely on other people’s suggestions, because everyone has different learning habits. Personally, I find, Audio CDs/Video CDs, Online office hours, 3 day intensive seminars (although I have never been to one) a waste of time and money. I would probably buy the Schweser Notes, Secret Sauce, and spend whatever left over money you have on a massage in the couple days before the exam to relax.

buy yourself the company of some good looking thai masseuses for a couple of nights. All you need is the CFAI books. If you need more to pass, you won’t make it in the field anyways.

Seems to me that there are lots of questions in the CFAI material. Hopefully that together with a heap of new sample exams and some cheap-but-slightly-out-of-date original Schweser books (I got 2006 from ebay) should be enough. Secret sauce might be a good idea though. Hummm… Otherwise maybe you could put your investment ideas into practice using the $500 and generate enough funds to buy all the materials you think might be useful / retire.