What is the CAPM?

I don’t think I’ve come across the term. What does it mean? Will it be on the test? T/G

No idea, it sounds french.

Are you in the right forum?

this might help: http://www.vri.cz/labs/patogen/default.htm

That explains why studying this curriculum makes me feel sick…

I think its got something to do with portfolio management not sure though hope this helps

I hate to be using the dividend discount model without a book which explains what a dividend really is.

it’s just an amount of money you get from stocks and bonds

You guys have it all wrong thats why you haven’t came across it, its actually MPAC. Get with the program…

What’s annoying is how they spend a whole book talking about “coupons” but never say where to get the coupons. I flipped through the entire WSJ and didn’t see a coupon section, but the ones I can get out of our local news paper are released weekly, so I keep wondering why more of the models don’t use a weekly discount, this is so confusing.

no, I’m pretty sure it’s CAPM I have seen it somewhere in the book

I wonder if somebody can help us with some answers???

You guys keep spelling CAMP wrong.


My estimation is that there will be 30 questions on the exam which need to be answered with ‘A’.

I always thought it was CAPA


Trader/God you are in some serious shit in terms of this exam.

Some usernames just seem to fit so well.

CFAdummy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Trader/God you are in some serious shit in terms > of this exam. CFAdummy, you are in some serious shit in terms of having a sense of humor.