what is the hardest chapter(s) of the curriculum?

Ok, I am nearly done with FSA, which has been pretty easy, I feel. I am cramming and thinking what to tackle next. What do you feel is the most difficult section, and why?

ss 8 and ss 9 Understanding how fsa is all woven together is very difficult.

No, I mean aside from FSA, I feel cool with FSA, in terms of understanding…just need to keep it all in my head…what is the hardest from the other sections?

For me, TAX has been the most boring (and therefore the most challenging), but forwards/futures took me while to get my head around too

in addition to ss9, a lot of derivative problems get confusing for me such as FRA’s, swaps, futures. i would also throw in a couple of the more difficult fixed income topics such as z-spread/oas, reinvestment income from bonds.

Im getting the worst scores on Quant and Derivatives.

Econ is the toughest for me.

SS9 and SS17. S

i’m in the econ boat. just hate policy crap. if it were all micro, that would be great.

Fixed Income and derivatives.

SS 37. It had TERRIBLY long questions. SS8 too.

I hate S3. If you admire guys doing well in that session. Also reading 69 seems to be little tough.