What is the mood at this point

We have a week to go, having mixed feeling about the whole thing.

Doing questions definetely helps a lot… at this point I am coming across new things in the material, which is good and bad . I am learning new things but at the same time makes me realise there is a lot of S* I still dont know…


I have learned every concept 10 times, and thats not a good thing…

By the time I finish doing the entire curriculum, I go back for a review, its almost like I learned nothing the first time.

I feel like this will keep going on no matter what. I hope I am not the only one who has this issue. I have a good understanding but the things that I need to remember just dont stick…

Anyone else having such problems?

The mood is to F*** CFA!

haha i just learned linking pension assets to liabilites today…

Had two strong CFAI mock exam scores yesterday and today, so I feel good at the moment. However, as is typically the case, I will probably have a solid day of awfulness between here and the exam and start to doubt my ability to pass.

^ i will be having 90 of those, so I will try to avoid having one now

You’re always going to find something you forgot, or don’t remember exactly.

The goal is to learn what you can, and hope you crawl past the finish line.

only 5 days and an evening left here. I have exam on saturday.

how usefull is secret sauce? I have last years secret sauce. or better skip and just practise exam and blue boxes?

secret sauce for l3 is rubbish IMO

I’ve been using secret sauce as a quick reference. It doesn’t seem to hit anything in great detail, but I still think it is helpful. The Schweser Mind Maps are much better.

Not a SS fan for L3, but if you do use last year’s skip the behavioral portion because all the readings changed.

Anything at this moment can be of some help, Secret Sauce and the the Mind Maps are a good tools to remember the concepts. But right now I am finding doing the questions very instructive, I am learning a lot of S*&? this way…

My confidence level has been yo-yoing lately… but I guess its a normal thing…

All we need is a 70 guys (68?). There are going to be questions and maybe even an entire item set where you hardly have a clue on earth as to what they want. That’s OK - those are the points you give to the CFAI. They are going to get “their points” no matter how much we study.

Just keep doing what you’ve been doing this whole time, perhaps step up the intensity level a notch (I know it’s tough, but you can anything for six more days). And put yourself in a position for something good to happen on Saturday.

Some of the posts on this board can get alarming during this last week, but try not to let them get to you. Actually, try not spending so much much time on this board at all. Maybe check in a couple times a day, but your time is much better spent with old exam questions, mocks, EOC’s etc.

We are brave SOB’s taking this exam, as we have been the last few years. Just remember how far you’ve come and that you definitely have what it takes to do something fantastic on Saturday.

Rock on.

So I thought only I had retention problems. I remember that there was an entire thread on retention issues before level 2 but I thought everyone here memorized things so well. Even after two readings, I don’t recollect almost 20-30% stuff.

it is a memory game

I think it’s all a matter of repetition and confidence, and some good luck.

^ good luck is needed for sure…

Just cool&calm.

Sometimes I feel like if you gave the me the exam right now I’d kill it and other times I feel like if I had 100 years to study I wouldn’t pass.

The CFAI can fail everyone if they wanted