What is the most in-depth Financial Modeling Course???

Hi there!

Can you recommend the most in-depth and rigorous financial modeling course out there? I’ve done the wall street prep but I found it to be basic / elementary.

Have you tried Wall Street Training with instructor Lin? Thought?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

C++ and a good financial engineering book will do wonders!

Thanks but i’m looking for complex LBO’s. Merger models, IPOS or complex project finance stuff. A self-study class that uses real life case studies to model complex investment structures.

Have you checked Amazon.com for some books discussing those topics?

I have! However, I tend to learn more from a class environment. Do you model at work?

I’ve taken a financial modeling course through a company called euromoney. I do a lot of modeling for M&A and project finance activities. I am also taking a class specific to Public/Private Partnership project financial modeling later this fall. They are kind of expensive, like $4,500 for a 3 day class, but I found it very helpful.

The “go to” book for this is Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga. To be honest, I didn’t get through the whole book. There’s a lot of great stuff in here though and I beleive it comes with a CD full of excel templates.


Where are the clAsses offered? Im in the US. I looked throught the project finance books they sell. Do you know if they have video lectures?

I’m working on a JV and a model needs to be created. I’m not to familiar with project finance so I need to start learning this type of modeling asap :slight_smile:

Most of thier classes are in London. They come to NYC twice a year for classes if they have enough demand. I don’t think they have video lectures. I am also sending you an offline message.

Thanks Brother!!! We’ll chat offline.

Rasec- our company, Vair Training, delivers ‘live’ and hands-on modeling courses in the US and abroad. Courses are led by active financial advisors and project developers. Training topics include general Financial Modeling (intermediate-level), Project Finance, PPP, M&A, Risk, etc (all advanced). Our next US modeling programs will be hosted in Atlanta, NYC and Miami. A complete training calendar can be seen at www.vaircompanies.com or let me know if you would like me to send you PDF brochures with more details. Thx -SKJ

@Rasec , i agree book dont help me much either.

I was struggling with the same problem most of the programs were very basic and prerecorded videos don’t go down well with me. One of the senior banker at my bank recommended www.jpfis.com to me last year, you may want to check with them and request an online demo session. They conduct live online training.

Hope that helps.

There is an excellent financial modelling course offered by the CFI. If you look at the full suite you can even learn financial modelling with VBA, which pretty advanced.

If you want to study from templates instead of courses check out Macabaus and learn on your own, but this can be hard IMO since you usually need someone to explain in video.