What is the real benefit of joining the CFA charter?

Passed my CFA level 3. My company is a small one and I do not want the boss to pay for the charter (I sure he see no point in doing so). So what the real benefits in doing so? I am quite busy so I do not want to attend too many conferences organised.

Once you get the charter, CFAI sends you a unicorn. You can use it for commuting and impress girls at bar or sth.

For your resume when you decide to move jobs to a place where someone would pay for the dues

Now that you’re a Level 3 CFA, you can guarantee superior investment returns.

These three letters sound good. What a benefit. And you ask for more?

useless in india in ACADEMICS

you get articles published from FAJ etc which you can read for the 20 CE credits

When I get asked these questions I always like to point out how sturdy the tube is that contains the charter. It makes me feel safe and badass in dark alleys at night.

More seriously, if you apply for a job and they check up on whether you are a charterholder, the CFAI won’t say “this guy is not a charterholder”. If you’re lucky, they will add “because he hasn’t paid his dues,” but you aren’t so fortunate, you might end up sounding like a liar.

You are now bound to more ethical standards than you would be otherwise which might impact your ability to generate fees and superior returns for investors. In other words, you can be a glorified stockbroker (ahem, I mean financial advisor).